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See What Final Fantasy XV Players Guess the Reason of Delay

We now all know that Final Fantasy XV delayed to Nov.30, which has been a rumor several days ago, but now, It was confirmed by Square Enix official! Many Final Fantasy fans feel angry and disappointing, they has been waited for a long time, they love the Final Fantasy seris so much!!


So what's the actual reason?


Let's have a look at what FF players said in the offical ff15 forum:



Speaking from my experience as a Project Manager its probably because they discovered a scope creep late in the games development, and they need the extra time to get it sorted.


As for what it could be, I do have a few guesses myself.


A game crashing bug that makes the game unplayable / erases your save.


A technical problem that directly affects the games performance


Graphical issues (tesxture pop ins, frame rate dips, and other technical issues were recently discovered and need to be addressed asap) 


See What Final Fantasy XV Players Guess the Reason of Delay



I think they're just not satisfied with the game yet...and with a team as big as SE's two months of polishing can really make a difference. 


They know that FF is a big franchise, with a lot of fans and a lot of money can be made with it, and they're trying to deliver a great product to maintain that going, so we can all have a good experience with the final product and so the franchise can keep going for years to tome...if a game is not ready, it's not ready, there's nothing you can do about it other than keep working and making it right...


I know it's upsetting to have 2 more months of waiting to do, but delaying it is a wise move....and they'll probably deal with backlash bc of it, and financial consequences as well, so it's not a decision they'd make if there was no real reason for it...


Putting a game out to eventually perfect it through patches is a bad approach - look at Assassin's Creed after Unity, for example, the patches corrected almost everything, but it's still seen as "the broken game", so much that Ubisoft gave the whole franchise (their marquise franchise, btw) a break...


And I think the video tomorrow might help us with the anxiety too...after we all see what's really going on, what needed to be improved upon, how's the game coming together...I think after tomorrow we'll be more hyped than ever!



Because they want to put out a product there proud of and polished to its best, actually this is very kind act they did. They could of easily released it in september and gave us a patch and call it a day going back to there lives but there striving to make something passionate not only to them but to us and to give everyone all over the world the experience we deserve on the game there given...


This is amazingly kind and tabata's words really did reach, such a sincere and professional director..



Mate haven't you heard ? when the rumor about the delay surfaced we personally called Tabata and he said that the stuff about the air button was mistranslated into delay button...duh


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