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My favorite lines and dialogues in Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV

I must say that the dialogue between Regis and Iedolas just before they fight with eachother was extremely good.


" Regis : Forgive my delay. A bit of unforseen trouble. 

Iedolas : Nothing too vexing i hope.

Regis : A simple theft,nothing more.

Iedolas : A dearing theft to steal from the King. Perhaps magical walls and castle gates do not keep all things safe.

Regis : Perhaps. But no matter. That which was taken will soon be returned.

Iedolas : Impressive. You are a paragon of kingly composure. But i must ask,how can you be so sure ?

Regis : Because this thing is no mere trinket. It possesses a will all its own. Enough to break any thief's grasp.

Iedolas : Hm.. That sounds a very fine prize indeed.

(Clarus summarizes the situation to Regis)

Iedolas : Have you find your thief ?

Regis : We have. And what was stolen remains intact.

Iedolas : Joyous news. I am relieved to hear it.

Regis : Tell me. How heavy a sentence does the crime of theft carry in your empire ?

Iedolas : Among the heaviest. Although there is one exception.

Regis : What is that ? 

Iedolas : A curious old law i still permit in the outlands. A thief who escapes his captor can no longer be held to account for his crime.

Regis : A warning to the victim ? Never show weakness,lest you forgo the hand of justice.

Iedolas : Oh no,good king. Far from it. It is a warning to the hand of justice itself : Never to loose its grip.

(The showdown starts) ''


My favorite lines and dialogues in Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV


And i love the part where Nyx says that those Kings are not Kings and he laughs about it.


" Show yourselves Kings of Lucis. (...) How long will you do nothing whilst Insomnia burns ? Old or new or whatever it is,summon your wall ! (...) To hell with your power ! I'm not here for it. I only came to tell you,you are no kings,heh. (Burns) HAHAHAH... You're going to lose your precious ring. But it's not too late to save it. ( You mean to barter for your life ? ) No,no.. My life is nothing. Giving a future to those who want to see it.. is everything. (...) You guys drive a hard bargain. Where do i sign ? "


This guy was simply a great hero.


Of course the Ardyn Izunia part too...


Those are my top 3,but really there are good lines everywhere in this movie.


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