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Is there any games to challenge Final Fantasy XV in 2016

Assuming FFXV ends up performing to good expectations, which games do you think pose as challengers from keeping FFXV get the most GOTY awards. The Witcher 3 won 2015, with the most GOTY awards, with Bloodborne coming in 2nd.


I think from most likely to least


Deus Ex: Mankind Divided.  This game has a cult fandom because of its realistic predictions on human progress and the creativity and freedom the story missions offer which borders Minecraft level creativity. The game director behind this game is a very formidable artist. Also, pretty graphics.


Uncharted 4: A Thief's End. I think the name speaks for itself. A high production value game that is very popular among the mainstream. 


Battlefield I. Now normally I'm not one to pass praise to EA, but given everything I've seen so far, among gameplay and the reveal trailer, the potential behind the concept and presentation is too strong to ignore. Also, one of the most technically powerful studios in the world with big resources, DICE, is making it. 


Titanfall 2. I'm keenly excited for this one because the gameplay reminds me of Bulletstorm + slingshot parkour. Along with having a space opera setting that mixes wild nature with science fiction technology, I think it's got a good thing going. 


Honourable mentions to Ratchet and Clank (which suffered in cutscenes and story deliverance because the movie took away too many good and important cutscenes), Rise of Tomb Raider (half the PS4 gamers aren't forgiving S.E, and it came out anyway) and Doom (a good game, but not GOTY material).


Ummh, Ok, one of my friends who loves video games so much and has a lot of experience playing various game doesn't agree with me, Below is what he said to me:


OrangeSamurai -- " We won't know for sure how good it will be until it releases, but the game is at core a FPS that is also an RPG. Now, many FPS and action games have RPG elements like upgrades, stats and the like, but this series is more like a true RPG in that it features lots of talking, choices and reading lore (seriously, I hate lore info-dumps in games usually, but I can't get enough of it in this series, probably because a lot of it relates directly to the current state of the game's world, rather than the distant past).


Is there any games to challenge Final Fantasy XV in 2016


Choice and Consequence is the franchise catchphrase, and unlike many RPGs, choices also occur during 'gameplay' rather than being limited to dialogue options and stat selection. Gameplay choices include your approach to combat, stealth/direct approach/mixed, the choice of whether to kill/knock out/avoid your enemies, the way you chose to traverse an area, and the completion or otherwise of optional objectives. Depending on the mission, different ways of playing can sometimes lead to different story and lore outcomes. Dishonoured is probably the most similar recent game.


Levels are large and sprawling, and the game uses a hub world/mission format that feels almost like a spy film pacing wise: action oriented setpeices (missions) are interspersed with more investigative and free-form section (hubs).


There is no karma or approval system in the game: you make choices and deal with any consequences for each given choice. This means you are free to chose the sarcastic option with a character you dislike, and it won't ruin your standing with an unrelated character.


DX:MD will take place in a near-future cyberpunk dystopia, where people have begun to enhance themselves with cybernetic parts. It hits a lot of the classic genre tropes of evil corporations, sunglasses at night, trench coats, hackers etc, but in Deus Ex's case, it is also a world where many of the major conspiracy theories are true, namely the existence of the Illuminati. It is also fairly unusual as a western RPG in having a fixed main character, like the Witcher series.


Why might it be a GOTY candidate? Its direct predecessor Human Revolution was very well received, and Mankind Divided looks to greatly improve upon that solid foundation. From previews, it looks to have a complicated plot that changes based on player actions, and the world is rich with side quests and places to explore. The art direction and attention to detail are also expected to be outstanding."


At last, what's your opinions? Leave it on the comment area please!


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