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Is FFXV still a hack n slash? Do you still love it?

I've been watching a lot of footage, mostly the January ATR stuff and onwards, and I gotta say, this game looks very different from Metal Gear Rising, Ninja Gaiden, DMC, Versus XIII, etc. Not that I mean to insinuate that FFXV was meant to be a lot like those games in combat (I'm actually glad FFXV is hardly like KH now, because we already have KH!), but looking at the animation and its subtlety, from Ignis and Noctis tossing spears to each other, to the use of warp strikes, how the animations are lending weight to strikes,  


The developers also seem to be targeting a very. . .organic approach to how the A.Is and Noctis interacts in combat. I'm mean, it's almost like FFXV is becoming this simulator fantasy fighter that takes advantage of current gen tech to be more intuitive, being more unique in identity.


Kind of like how in the early 90s, we only had racing games, but then more powerful consoles like the PS1 and PS2 came out, and a new genre was created, simulator racing. All thanks to a more intelligent gameplay system.


 I guess what I'm trying to say is that, FFXV's combat seems to have become too intelligent and subtle, that I couldn't comfortably call it a hack n slash. I really like what I'm seeing now but I want a more politically correct phrase to define the genre of FFXV's combat. 


Is FFXV still a hack n slash? so you still love it?


To be honest, I never saw this coming last year. I was going back to that demo today, and you know, I could see an intelligently motioned combat system that was still brimming there, but I just did not realize it then. I feel like FFXV's combat animations, enemy A.I behaviour and all the other dynamic mechanics, it's too avant-garde.


I asked two of my friend(MizzMumbler4 and YMilhomem), below is what they said:



No. I guess it's not. Hack n slashes are very video-gamey of the PS2-era (not that it's a bad thing). FFXV can simply be called a current gen action RPG, like The Witcher 3 is a current gen action RPG. Both have their own kind of action battle systems, that lend to their own, and makes them deviate too far to be a hack n slash. 


I guess people might still confuse FFXV to be hack n slash, because of its Kingdom Hearts origins. But technology has evolved. Just as FFVII moved into ARPG (as weird as the Dissidia style is) because of today's technology, the hack n slash elements in Versus13/FFXV dissolved away and now has come forth a trail blazer battle system that's meant to be a progression of gaming and innovation. 


Those who dislike this and want FFXV to be a hack n slash, might finally experience what that portion of FF fans experience when they say they want FF to stay ATB/TB and not be ARPG. The current battle system is an evolution that will happen with or without them. 



It never was a hack and slash. That's why ppl who wrongly think it's an attempt at that complain so much about the fighting being "slow, clunky", etc., bc they still haven't figured out that FFXV has no intention of being an FF version of Bayonetta, DMC or anything like that. 


Maybe all the effects that are being used during the battles lead ppl to that conclusion, maybe SE wasn't clear enough about what they were going for, but this is a misconception that needs to be corrected or else reviewers are going to use the wrong parameters to judge the game - they'll compare the fighting system to whatever H&S is popular now and say it's "not as good", when they should be comparing it to games like (maybe) The Witcher 3.


It's an action RPG SE-style, like an evolved and more complex version of what we had in Kingdom Hearts - which was pretty nice to begin with.


Ummh, what do you think about the coming Final Fantasy XV? Do you think FFXV is still a hack n slash? leave your comments please.