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I think Ifrit will be the chaos of Final Fantasy XV

It is very cool.. I didn't know all of this data existed until just now, very interesting for multiple reasons..


OK, this is good but you left one thing out.. The fact that those entities work for Chaos, the encounter of Marilith, and Noctis as a kid(as you said) but also... and this is where it gets interesting..


Also the fact that we saw Niflheim track down our four protagonist, box them into a trap, then released Marilith.. If

the story of chaos is true, and those creatures are his servants, it begs the question of how and why does Niflheim

have direct access to these-- or one of these creatures, and "delivered" it right to our hero's after tracking them down?


Not only that..


I'm shifting into theory-mode here..


How did Niflheim even track them at all? I've seen someone point out that in Norse mythology, Loki is or was the actual parent

of Sleipnir.. Sleipnir being symbolically represented as the Regalia. Loki being symbolically represented as Ardyn. Perhaps

there is a connection there. Not only that, this Chaos creature destroying the crystals as you mentioned, and Niflheim following

the exact same pattern.. We know Ardyn is with them as well, 'pulling the strings' within the empire as the chancellor,


I think Ifrit will be the chaos of Final Fantasy XV


Now it's beginning to make sense-- How and why some feel that Ardyn may be a messenger of chaos, and that may very well be

but I also feel like, though there are similar connections, the concept of the original FFI plot is merely a concept. Of course that doesn't

change the importance of what you just shared, quite the contrary.


I think that Chaos may be a pawn, and that Ardyn may be so slick that he's actually using these God-like entities to further his goals or 

motives.. Whatever those may be.


Ifrit may very well be a representative of Chaos. I'm wondering how and why he is 'with' Lucis.. Shu's theory and what you mentioned as a pact

instantly comes to mind. Perhaps one of the former kings made a pact with this creature, and now we have the concept of Ragnarok taking place as a result. They may have made a pact for strength while knowing this strength will eventually come with destruction, a cycle of sorts.That's more theoretical than

it is factual but I'm starting to see a multitude of ways for how this story can play out. A beautifully crafted work of art!


Thanks for the tip by the way, it was very helpful in furthering my understanding in all this.


Now... I think most of my time from this moment forward.. Will be spent trying to better understand

Ardyn Izunia's goal.. And how he may be manipulating so many people/entities to further them. If this

man truly has 'Gods' and 'Devils' alike under his thumb, not to mention ordinary people in high positions of power...


He may very well be the greatest villain of all time. Now that excites me. lol