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Final Fantasy XV Omnis Lacrima Lyrics Reveals Story

I just found this today... and it has surprising lyrics...


''Our master has succumbed to endless sleep''

''Defeated our master sleeps''

''and calls his children through his dreams''

''Behold the day of glory, at last awakened by the whispers of dawn''


Final Fantasy XV Omnis Lacrima Lyrics Reveals Story


Now I don't know Latin, so I cannot make a 100% confirmation that the translation is correct. But I would assume it's close to the message.


But reading this, it might perhaps be the source of the leaks claiming Noctis time jumps.


It could be talking about Noctis, but I think it could talking about someone else... Ifrit? If say Ifrit was a King of daemons, which would make him the master of others, had been defeated falling into a endless sleep, he communicates through his 'dreams' (Ardyn?) to talk to his children...


But there are some contradiction to this theory.


''Know that we will fight! Protected by our Goddess''


If it was Ifrit, he wouldn't be protected by Eos. BUT, the vocals change for this line from male to female. So if we assume, male vocals is Ifrit speaking and female is Eos/Noctis speaking... it kinda makes sense.


A bit after, in male vocals comes -


''For our master to find his peace. ALL is stained blood!''


This would imply a bloody battle is approaching. If this was talking about Noctis finding his peace, they will kill everyone(?) Which wouldn't make sense, since Noctis is trying to save everyone.


Also talking about eternal sleep... The capital city is named Insomnia, which is ironic to the lyrics.


Listening to the changes in vocals from male to female, it kinda sounds like there is some conflict. What if this 'master' is Ifrit, or another higher being? The master was defeated into a eternal sleep, which kinda falls into my theory of Ifrit having made a pact with Lucis was betrayed and imprisoned.


What do you guys think?