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Final Fantasy XV Game Capturing: Not Use the Optimal Technology Settings

At @UFFXVGil's suggestion, I decided to check the bitrate for the raw footage Square Enix has of that 52 minute footage we got.


The results were a bit surprising, if not strange to me.



Now, an average Joe like me has a consumer level video capture card that's not even the latest model (Elgato HD60). The above settings you see are the maximum values my humble laptop can capture from a 1080p/30fps video. That is, 30.0Mbps (Megabytes per second - - which any PS3 and PS4 can easily output from it's HDMI port). 


I checked out the properties of the uncompressed footage from the press release site.


Final Fantasy XV Game Capturing: Not Use the Optimal Technology Settings


The video's bitrate is between 20-22 Mbps, which in my books is quite poor and for a company like Square Enix that's supposed to be professional and in possession of industrial grade level equipment, amateur-ish. 


So yeah. . .I thought I'd let you guys know. For those who are analyzing the difference of the press release footage, and the compressed YouTube footage. Apparently, if someone were to put in the master build of FFXV in the PS4, what they would see on their TV would look better than the press release footage (like JoeKnowsZero's screenshots). I just find their decision to capture footage raw at 22mbps, pretty unreasonable as you're marketing a game and you want to keep the YouTube compression minimal.


A raw video that is 30Mbps in bitrate and compressed through YouTube will always look better than a 20-22Mbps that has gone through the same process.