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Final Fantasy XV Beginners FAQs

Welcome to the UFFXVGil, if you are new here or are new to FFXV, please read through this thread. This is a compilation list of the most common questions.


If you cannot find the question you would like to ask, please ask here and we will try to answer it. That will also help us add the question to the list.


If you have something that you want added into the list, please leave a reply!


Final Fantasy XV


What genre is this game?

FFXV is a action game with various strategic elements in it's gameplay. It's also a hybrid open world setting, where the maps are large giving you freedom to explore, but in the latter half of the game the story becomes more progressive in a linear fashion. But you will still be able to return to previously visited areas.


When will the game release?

As of now, the game release on November 29th delayed from it's initial September 30th date.


Why was the game delayed?

Director Hajime Tabata stated that the final quality of the was not something that should be sold to the fans and that the development would have regretted if released in it's current state. Also, they originally planned to have a day one patch to fix some of these issues, but felt that these fixes should be on the disc on launch. This is also in consideration for who do not have internet or connect their consoles to the net. Allowing for a complete experience straight out of the box. Director Tabata also sincerely apologized for this delay on many occasions.


Are all versions of the game delayed?

As of now, all versions including physical and digital versions are delayed to Nov 29th.


Final Fantasy XV Beginners FAQs


Will they making more Ultimate Collectors Editions?

Director Tabata has commented that while they did consider it, the current schedule on production is very tight. So there are no plans to create more units.


Will we be compensated for this delay?

Though anything is possible, as of now, no.


Pre-Order DLC


Is there a way to get all DLC bonuses in a single version?

No. DLC bonuses are exclusive to each version. What DLC is included depends on your region.


Will pre-order DLC be available later?

There has been no confirmation on this by the developers.


Will 'A Kings Tale' bonus DLC game be available separately?

As of now, no. It's exclusive to Gamestop (US) and 7-Eleven (JP) through pre-order.




How long is the game?

The main story is estimated to be around 50 hours combines with open-world and linear progression. With up to 200 hours of bonus content.


How do you traverse in the game?

You traverse by car, chocobos (mount), trains and eventually a flying car.


Can we drive the car manually?

Yes, you have the option to manually drive the car as Noctis or let Ignis drive automatically by selecting destination points on the map.


Can you drive anywhere you want like GTA?

Not exactly. Cars are generally restricted to roads and off-roads. But Tabata has recently said that they updated the driving mechanics giving you a bit more freedom rather than having you drive on rails.


Do you need to refuel the car?

Yes. There a fuel meter telling you much fuel is left. Running out of fuel means the car will stop, in which you will have to call Cindy to come tow your car for a small fee.


I heard there is a radio in the car?

Yes, there is a radio in which there are a selection of classic FF tunes. There aren't a lot, but there are plenty tunes for everybody. There are plans to add more after release.


Can we listen to our own music?

As of now, no. Due to copyright issues, you will not be able to add your own playlist.


Can we make a playlist of with the available music?

As of now, no. Reports say that you cannot select the music you want from a list. Rather it's like a real cd player where you have to toggle through each song. But this may change by release.


Can cars be damaged?

From what we have seen, in extended use and abuse, cars will get dirty with grime and get damaged on collision. Though is not yet confirmed if cars break down after enough abuse, but there is an option to call for Cindy to come tow your car back to the workshop.


What are Chocobos and what are their advantages?

Chocobos are giant flightless birds. They are a staple travel mount in the FF series. In FFXV, they will allow for faster travel around the fields of the map where cars cannot go. Not only they are faster than running, they are able to traverse over water and you will be able to reach certain places while riding one.


How do we get Chocobos?

You need to rent Chocobos to use them, but before you are able to, you will need to do a certain prerequisite quest to do so. After completed the quest, you can rent 'chocobo whistles' from 'chocobo ticket machines'. You will then pay for the amount of days you rent them for. After obtaining a chocobo whistle, using it will summon your chocobo anywhere at any time (there are some cases where this will not be possible).


What is faster? Chocobo or car?

Car is faster, but chocobos provide more versatility.


Flying car?

You will obtain the flying car near the end of the game after a series of quests having you to collect parts to upgrade the car. You will then be able to fly almost everywhere and even access areas only available through flying. But you will need to have a open area/road to land the car in a similar fashion to landing a plane.


Can you crash while flying?

Yes, failing to land correctly will lead to crashing the the vehicle, resulting to the game over screen.


Can you control other characters?

No, not in the main game. You will only be able to control the main character Noctis.


What happens if Noctis dies?

Game over.


What does the rest of the party members do?

They have specific character exclusive AI that will aid you in battle. You can also set skills/abilities on each member of which you can activate during fights to perform combos. Using an ally skills expends one bar of 3 action bars that fill up in time. When a ally skill is activated, a QTE-esque event starts and the camera will stick to the ally moving and back to Noctis.