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Final Fantasy XV: yes, this dude is definitely Ravus

He looks like he has the same face as Ravus,narrow eyes and gaunt cheeks. And as Shuya pointed out,his attitude really looks like someone who consider himself as someone superior or calls himself God ( This character reminds me so much of Lucifer i'll explain why later ),this fits well with the attitude he showcased in the movie and in the trailer where he says that the worlds needs to end.


Also,there's this ultimate evidence,you can see it,his left arm is completely different.. burned to be precise. So yeah,it could actually be Ravus who had his arm burned because the Knights of the round refused him.


And the fact that he has so much power could be explained by the fact that he.. takes most of the power from the crystal. In old trailer he tries to absorb the power of the crystal but Noctis stops him.


Final Fantasy XV: yes, this dude is definitely Ravus


Now i'll explain why it looks so much like the story of Lucifer.


Lucifer was known to be someone extremely beautiful,proud,and all of that stuff. 

He was the best servant to God and for him ( i don't think it's mentioned in the bible but in Coran it's still there.. I'm counting the coran because of Ifrit,i'll explain later ) it was really painfull to see that God gives more respect to the humans compared to him. So his pride made him go mad,he wants to rule all of the world and kick out god from his throne. But when he tries to do it,God simply punishes him like no one has never been punished and throws him on Earth. The problem is that Lucifer anger against God was SO big that it turned into a massive place of flames named " Hell ".


Now i will set up Ravus into all of that.


Tenebrae is known for it's formidable magical ressources and Ravus his quiet handsome and "blonde" just like Lucifer

Tenebrae/Ravus (Lucifer) were the best allies to the Lucis Kingdom (God). It was really painfull for him to be left out by Regis just for the protection of his son ( Regis saves what he can at the moment,this means Noctis and Luna. But Luna stops following them. So you can say that Noctis is a parallel to the humans in the bible ). So his pride made him go mad,he wants to avenge himself from that so he quickly wants the throne and power by taking the Lucis Ring but when he tries to do it,The Knights of the round ( God ) punished and tried to burn Ravus alive because he wasn't worthy,in that case it's the worst punishment possible. And now.. we see this new form of Ravus,really looking like the Devil (Even his blonde hair are dark now) with fire everywhere in the Lucis Kingdom and also we can consider the fact that he could be associated to Ifrit because Ifrit is some kind of BIG demon in the Coran often associated to the Devil too.


( The principle fallen angel being Lucifer,and the other ones are the ones who tried to do the same as him parallel to : Ravus being the one who survived to the Knights of the round and the others who tried died in flames )


Do you see how it connects well ? And if we want to set some Norse mythology stuff. Ravus wants to end the world if we are basing our facts on the first trailer for FFXV. And the funny thing is that Surtr the giant who destroys the world after Ragnarok,his a giant of fire with an enormous sword capable of destroying the entire world. And what does Ravus look like ? Exactly like a Giant of fire with an enormous sword.


Tell me what are your opinions on this in the comments section