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Final Fantasy XV: Some Thoughts About Ardyn

Okay, I am back, and I have had a chance to catch up on the thread.  Actually, Shadow, I agree with most of your points about Ardyn.  I agree with you that he is extremely powerful for the exact reasons that you have laid out.  I agree with you that Ardyn is going to be an anti-hero for the exact reasons that you laid out.  I mean if we think about previous FFs, this is a common theme that the person(s)/group we think is the villain in the beginning isn't really the villain in the end.  The Emperor and the Gestahlian Empire, Shinra and its president, Edea and Galbadia, etc... were all red herrings for the real villain. And, you're right that he seems to be giving Noctis the tools he needs to reach his destiny.  He saved Noctis from the trouble in KG by proposing the wedding outside of Insomnia.  


I think there is a lot more to this man than a generic bad guy.  He seems too smart to fall into the traps of ruling the world.  As I have said many times, he is a single heartbeat away from ruling the world.  There is a single person that is standing in his way after Kingsglaive, and it isn't Noctis or Luna.   Why does he need Noctis to become the true king?  What purpose could he have for this?  It isn't to rule the world...  if he was on the side of the scourge, he would prevent Noctis from becoming more than a mortal.  Whatever that really entails.  I agree... this seems to indicate anti-hero to me.  I agree 100%.


Final Fantasy XV: Some Thoughts About Ardyn


He is definitely knowledgeable, and I don't think anyone will dispute that at this point.


I disagree that he is immortal per se.  Rather, I disagree that we can say this with any sort of real confidence.  I agree that there is evidence to say that he ages slowly or not at all, but immortal implies that he is completely free from death.  I am not sure we can go that far with him yet.


There is a lot of convincing evidence that he is Bahamut.  I agree that the character with the wings in both the Cosmology book and Genesis art is Bahamut.  And Bahmut is often the king of the summons, Astrals, Espers, whatever they are called.  So, it would make sense that the King of the Archaens would help guide the true king in awaking the powers of the crystal (or helping to seal whatever is inside it. :O ).  


Another piece of science (Yay! Science!) that may help here, scientist now believe that many dinosaurs, including velociraptors, actually had feathers.  So, if this is a fantasy based on reality, which it is, it would be very logical for a "reptilian" dragon to have feathers on his wings.  So, the feathers are completely consistent with this theory.  Also, if Ardyn slicked his hair back and shaved, he would be a dead ringer for the Bahamut figure.  Their faces are similar, the chin and nose in particular on the Cosmology book.  And, I am sure that his hair would hair a bounce like Bahamut's when slicked back.


However, I have my own personal animosity to this theory.  I think the specific evidence for humans being Archaens is weak, but that's not really my issue with it.  I just think it cheapens Archaens to make them more human like.  So, I hope not, but honestly, the Arydn being Bahamut is looking more and more true. *sigh...


To perhaps give your Gif context, if Ardyn is an anti-hero as both think he is, that GIF might be the moment he returns the throne to Noctis.  His way of saying, I kept it warm for you kid, but now it's yours again.  He would smirk and show dominance (he is a king himself) even though he is giving Noctis something and respects him. 


I also agree Luna will die in the middle of the game before the time skip, for reasons discussed on the other thread.