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FFXV will appear at gamescom with a brand new demo

With only 8 weeks, sure, you're right. I think this is something they should have had alongside platinum. First part of the demo being the tech "look at how beautiful and dynamic this world is" and the second, full-on check out how cool this combat system can be. They would be swimming in preorders right now. I think they should've held off on platinum and released something with a bit more public appeal right after E3.

I think Platinum perfectly demonstrated they barely even have enough time to make such a small demo that it suffered in image quality, graphics, and performance with massive framerate dips. It would have been better if they didn't waste time on Platinum imo. As a gameplay demo it's underwhelming; as a tech demo it's still underwhelming because they didn't have enough time to polish. This right here looks abysmal. This is why I say it's better not to release any demo than to release crap. I'd rather wait for the final game than to experience something this disappointing.


platinum demo in this zone don't use a real human scale, for young noctis, is normal see bad textures to closely, for and different scale room compared to noct.