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FFXV story speculation/theory

If the house of Lucis is really cursed as some theories say there are 112 kings with regis being the 113th "CXIII" and it is said by theory that regis would possibly turn into those beings seen on the US coverart so theoretically thats saying that there are 113 of those huge guardian things which seems unbalanced in terms of how they presented it in the US cover art. Unless maybe something happened Years ago which caused those beings to select those kings to become some kind of guardians as a curse starting from the 100th or very first king during that time. Maybe during that time long ago it was related to the time of the plague of the star origins. Something happened to EOS as a result of that climax, and those beings/god offered the Lucis king power so that the Lucis bloodline would live on to carry their curse/duty as "Knights of the round" in the will of that god which would be to guard the crystal from extinction which would prevent the plague of the stars. That said i think the Kings and the Huge beings are different entities. Maybe the ring ties to the beings on the US cover art meaning that those beings were the beings that offered them that bloodpact which gave them the source of Power, knowledge, and wisdom that could be passed on through linage and that ultimate power can be used to protect the world from falling apart from greed such as other kingdoms like Niflhiem that maybe used their crystals for technological enhancement/Plague of the stars. The reason they chose the Lucis line to have that power was probally connected to the powers the crystal Lucis had and the longevity of the lucis family.

Lucis is the only kingdom with the last crystal and because of that the world is under a deeper threat to the plague of the stars.The lucis line is weakening because of their duty to protect that crystal is limited to their own ever since the rise of the Nifilhiem Empire. Maybe they were at war for a reason such as Lucis having the knowledge from the entities to tend for all the crystals which seemed simple for Tenebrae and Lucis to form an alliance as they have oracles that can talk to gods/beings. While Nifilhiem doesnt have a power such as the kingdoms of lucis and tenebrae so they fight for their own survival of their society causing the war between Lucis and Nifilhiem. Being misunderstood of Lucis's Intentions Nifilhiem Goes as far as invading other kingdoms to show that they wont be defied by their petty beliefs etc and they need to expand naturally as crystals are natural resources. But little do they know that the crystal has a much more profound existance and taking away that final crystal would result in the plague of the stars. Noctis as the last king is the only one privileged with the power of the "Knights of the round" now has to use the power, knowledge and wisdom kept in that ring in a last resort to save the world from the being that is behind the plague of the stars if it ever comes to that point where the plague of the stars finally manifests the planet. Which would mean he would have to summon the kings or the beings to aid him to fight against whatever has plotted the end of Eos ever since the dawn of its existance.


Extra speculation:

Maybe Regis being wise with the knowldge from the ring Tells noctis to marry Luna so that their bloodline may live on incase Regis/Noctis dies. The child Luna bears would be the next living legacy that continues the Knights of Eos/the Round/lucis line (least likely to happen). OR they all die and the bloodpact of the lucis family is broken and the bad guy dies and the world is reset with all kingdoms coming to peace OR everything is destroyed and theres nothing left but a reference to how the world of EOS really started. "Genesis" which is a title of a painting in the games art is a legend that maybe depicts a vision from the future. Revealing the game was just a tale of the beggining of Eos. A world freed from Darkness. A true pure beginning. Tabata wants to break our hearts so...maybe..just maybe.