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FFXV Product Placement: How Deep Does It Go?

There was always going to be product placement in this game, it was inevitable seeing as Final Fantasy XV is an expensive investment.


This is not always a bad thing, especially in a game where it is supposed to be a "fantasy set in reality" it adds an element of familierity when done right.

The first big name to be made known was the Coleman Outdoor Company, a Canadian organization that produces camping gear and other outdoorsy

merchendise. This makes sense since camping has a big role in FFXV's roadtrip style journey. However, a big thing to note here is that, while coleman is a known brand, the name could exist in almost any universe since it doesn't refrence anything specific, which brings me to the second big name to reveal their sponsorship.


American Express... Yes, that's right! If you go into a town and shop around for supplies, expect to see advertisements for american express plastered on store windows and signs to showcase that they all accept american express. Don't be surprised when you see Noctis whip out is trusty royal american express gold card! This is an example of product placement gone wrong. As far as we have been led to believe, none of the continents of Eos do share names with real world countries so it is safe to assume that in FFXV's world, America does not exist. Unlike Coleman, American Express is a name that feels extremely out of place and it is a very distinctive reference to it's country of origin. Let's be honest, if Square was going to use the names of real world countries in their game, Noctis' home would be Japan, not Lucis. Eos is a completely different world, not an alternative version of ours.


The american express fiasco makes me wonder what else there will be and how deep the product placement will go in this game. If square is willing to place something this specific in the game, there isn't much I could think of that would be off limits. I can't wait to have Noctis walk into a McDonalds and order a BicMac with his american express gold card while the regalia is getting repaired at Canadian Tire.