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FF15 also has a standalone release

SE provides soundtracks for us to buy on discs, the ultimate edition of ff15 gets the anime on disc, that disc shouldnt be exclusive to the ultimate edition. i enjoy streaming anime for crunchyroll, but there are times i want to buy the anime too, it isnt just about the ads. yes i can totally watch it on youtube or crunchy roll, and i have seen the first episode, but i would like to have the actual disc that is being released with the ultimate edition of the game, and i would like to have that as an option to buy separately since the deluxe edition comes with 2 parts: anime and game. i do not want to cancel my preorder, i shouldnt have to cancel my preorder.

Kingsglave is getting a standalone release, ff15 also has a standalone release, ff7 advent children was released standalone. therefore, i am pretty sure there has to be an option to get that anime disc that is included in the ultimate as a standalone release as well, since the game and kingsglaive.


I am also pretty sure no one on here really knows if SE plans to release that disc as a standalone purchase at retailers or on their store.


It started about a month ago or so, when you go to watch one of the animes on the site, instead of starting it puts up a popup video you cant clear or do anything with until the video ends and it is about staff at CR talking about how you have adblock turned on, and that the ads pay for them to deliver the anime for the free subscribers, etc. lasts about 30sec-1min. you have to hit the continue button that only works after the video is over to watch the anime.


I use adblock plus


As for youtube, adblock doesnt seem to do anything to block those ads and you never know for sure as to whether you will get an ad when you watch a video or not until it happens.


If the anime is being released on disc for the ultimate edition, SE needs to put up an option to buy that disc separately on their online store as well as at retailers, if you got the deluxe edition of the game, for when the game comes out.


I likely cant sell the deluxe kingsglaive alone as it will be coming in the tin case with the game, kinda like how ff12 had the bonus disc for background making of for the game. you cant sell discs unless they have their own case. some places take them like gamestop, but i seriously doubt they would take a movie unless it came with the game case. gamestop doesnt sell movies anymore. as for other places, you dont have it you either cannot sell it or you get docked.


The point is that i shouldnt have to sell anything and replace it just to get things how i want it.


SE should be providing options, we as gamers shouldnt be complacent when we arent happy. gamers need to take a stand when companies pull crap like this, look at the huge revolution that happened with the mass effect ending, people were NOT happy about the ending and wrote to bioware and they added another ending option. when atlus was going to take down the demon's souls servers, gamers posted on the forums requesting the servers be left up and atlus honored it and had them moved to an alternate service so they could remain up.


We are the ones that buy and play these games, they are making the games for us, if they dont have happy customers/fans, no one is likely to buy stuff from them anymore. i am sorry but SE is still making questionable choices, they have been doing this for a few yrs now. i shouldnt have to accept it.


Just because SE's name is slapped on a product, doesnt mean the company is gold, all it means is they have put out a really good game, they still make amazing games, their choices they make however are questionable.