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Tabata has taken that concept greatly into consideration when designing FFXV's astrals

Damn E.. I can't believe you caved with spoilers lol thanks for blacking them out for us. I've been trying my best to stay clean but honestly don't know how long that will last.


Interesting theory and I completely forgot about the Knights of the Round. If not a summon, I'd say a special badass looking armiger. Honestly that is what excites me the most.

Yeah truth be told we did have an insane amount in some past titles. I wouldn't even use half the amount in VII and VIII.. Variety is and was nice but I agree with you guys, the quality of the summons far outweigh the quantity to me. From the looks of things, Mr. Tabata has taken that concept greatly into consideration when designing XV's astrals, a good thing.


I was bummed at first when he mentioned us having a lower amount compared to what we've been used to in past titles, but now I feel excited. I really love how so much thought was put into this to the extent of these Gods even interacting with the environment in special ways, it's just intriguingly awesome to me.


Do you mean to say that you feel KotR may be a unique Astral of sorts that we may have to defeat and conquer? Also, do you personally feel as though the giant creatures on the western box art are these same 'knights'? If the answer is spoiler-related, never mind. lol Was curious to know your thoughts is all.


I too don't think the Giants on the box art are the Knights of the Round, more rather, that the Knights of the round are Noct's deceased ancestors. Like the one shown in the tomb during the end of chapter one, within the stone coffin, and the Phantom weapon's associated with them. 


I used to think that the Giants were the Knights but have long since had a change of heart. Nice to see you're under the same impression. Yeah though, that seriously would make for a BADass-looking armiger skill.. I feel like we caught a glimpse of what it *could*, in theory, look like when they displayed 'warp strike' in Ep. Duscae.


Would be nice to see KotR like a longer version of that, transitioning through various weapons at a time, and also seeing the phantoms appearance with each their weapons belonging to them as it's displayed in Noct's hands, the ghost could form around Noct as he takes hold of the weapon pertaining to said phantom, then at the end..


The spirit of Regis enveloping Noct as he takes hold of Excalibur(I'm assuming is Regis' large great sword) and unleashes a final massive super strike.


Just an idea.. In my mind it looks super intense and breathtakingly stunning. I really can't wait to see what it looks like or how they plan on incorporating Knights of the Round in FFXV.. Among many other things, that is what I am most hyped about. lol


Was seriously tempting to read you, Shu, but trying with all my soul to resist.