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I feel like Final Fantasy VI is superior to FFVII in terms of story and characters

FFVII's success is vastly owed to

1.Being a good game that pushed the tech.

2.Receiving a mainstream marketing treatment no other Squaresoft game had previously received. TV commercials in NA and incredible distribution deals in the NA/EU regions.

3.Internet did not exist back then to foster any grounds for negativity/toxic hate.

4.CGI movie that introduced some to Final Fantasy and Final FantasyVII.

5.KH cameos for those who were too young to play FFVII in 1997.


1.Quite linear but did things to hide it. It received criticism for this, but it slowly died down.

2.It's style in story/cast/dialogue shares a lot in common with the games of I-V and FFVIII and FFIX thus it was well received by the 'classic' Final Fantasy fans.

3.New gen, new graphics and cinematic cutscenes were prettier than ever.


Final Fantasy XIII. This is where it gets complicated.


1.You have so many games, so many fans, and the internet was really evolving. Some people champion FFVII, others FFVI, others FFIX or X, etc. Eventually you start seeing a festering of some small negativity for specific titles like FFXII, II, X-2, FFIX and even FFVII in some instances. Fandom is convulated after so many games. This is the state of the fandom before FFXIII's launch.

2.The team that worked on FFXIII knew they fucked it up. I had only heard half-confirmed rumours until Tabata-san confirmed it tactfully when he said (and I'm heavily paraphrasing) that the game they envisioned for the PS2, and the one that was forcefully moved to PS3, were very different. In other words, the director knowingly released a half-ass game that they knew more could have been done more for.

3.ATB was starting to crack with Final Fantasy on a hi-tech home console, PS3. How do you make hi-res characters still look dynamic with ATB. The most common criticism I see with Final Fantasy XIII that you can beat the entire game with just the X button. It absolutely gobsmacks me that people hate Final Fantasy XIII for this but the fact that also 90% of TRPG/ATB games can theoretically be won with just the attack button only and these are games those same people worship.

4.Shitty/cheesy dialogue. I'm sorry, whoever wrote the script for Final Fantasy XIII was smoking some good ganja while playing too many old school JRPGs. The story was skewed because they made so many changes from the original vision.

5.Final Fantasy XIII-2, while it made a comeback with a substantially better cast for the most part (mainly Noel, Lightning and Caius) and a good story, the game fell victim to its DLC modelling. That included a critical follow up chapter for Lightning Returns. While Square Enix fixed a lot of mistakes, they were still being arrogant.

6."Final Fantasy disease". We all know who had the balls to publicly speak about this. Games like Mass Effect 2, D.A Origins were stealing the show and sales for sequels.

7.Too much damage had been done by the time we arrived to LR which had the most perfect hybrid battle system I've had the pleasure of playing.

8.The fucking internet. I don't hate Final Fantasy XIII series and I enjoyed FF XIII-2 and LR, and I even found some parts of Final Fantasy XIII enjoyable. Thus, why should I bother returning to the internet nearly everyday, to fight against the trolls/sour pusses who dedicate their daily lives to this shit. I'm pretty sure I'm not alone. Millions of gamers still stuck to Final Fantasy XIII, right to LR.


It's a real shame. Lightning is a very incredible and capable heroine. I could write a thesis on her really. The battle system for Final Fantasy XIII while a bit flawed, was still a good setup and I thought paradigms were a nice strategy. But once again, it exposed a truth lot of ATB/TRPG fanatics were unwilling to confront, and that was that perhaps, FFXIII would have better suited a hybrid battle system or action battle system. That Final Fantasy was due for an evolution.


Square Enix gave themselves too much credit on how much b.s they could dish out and get away with it, and they gave too much credit to TRPG/ATB fanatics when it came to being sensible about the ATB system in FFXIII.