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Final Fantasy XV: No UI Update Before Release

Final Fantasy XV: No UI Update Before Release


Looking at the recent 50min master gameplay it looks like they haven't refined the user interface much from the last showcase. With only 2 months to go I still have my concerns regarding the UI as it still looks very cluttered and unrefined. I know there has been mention that you can turn some of these off, but what those elements are is still unknown.


Things that still concern me:

General information overload - there's too much text and info on screen.

The green "Comrade's Abilities" bar on the left is far too intrusive and should be re-thought completely.


Constant reminder of the game's controls. Seems rather unnecessary after the first 2 hours of gameplay.


Weapon selection is constantly up - should only be visible when selecting.

Player and comrades health/status bars hover on top of them. This seems wholly unnecessary since we have those already on the bottom right to view.


Monster health status bars is arguably intrusive as it could easily just be displayed out of the way.


The constant BREAK and WARP STRIKE that appears in the middle obstructing the screen.


Map could be moved to the right and quest info should be reserved for the menu/paused screen.  


Dont know about that Scan info box at the top left but it looks obnoxious.

Stamina bar for when sprinting seems unnecessary.


I really hope they get some time in the next two months to refine it a bit more or that I can at least turn off the majority of these elements. If you're going to design an action orientated game you want the least amount of clutter distracting the player.