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FFVI and FFVIII are overall a bit better than FFVII

Well fist of all, when FFXIII came out and I played it, I was hyped and my brother was interested in the game (played VIII and X, possibly FFXV and Final Fantasy VIIR too).

But than he read the negative things like FFXIII "is so linear", "dump story", "boring gameplay" and he believed that and didn't even watched it, because he thought they were right and has the same opinion as my brother.


As for me, it doesn't affected me at all, I still enjoyed Final Fantasy XIII and was still trying to confince him that the game is still good, but he believed it's bad.


What I want to try to say is that there are people who are influenced by the reviews of a game and when it's bad reviewed, than it's a bad game and those people who read that are telling this to others and a big base of haters is created. They just say it's bad even if they didn't played it or only watched it. Of course there are also who played it and didn't liked it, but the overall people who were hyped about Final Fantasy XIII and didn't liked it are those who were shocked by the japanese fans (who could play the game 3 months earlier and revealed how linear the game is) and the reviews.


So yeah FFXIII/FFXIII-2 were not the best Final Fantasy title, but there were still locations like

- Lake Bresha

- Eden

- Pulse

- Academia

and characters like

- Raines

- Lightning (yes, I like her, especially in Final Fantasy XIII-2)

- Caius

- Fang

and the battle-system and all the customization (of weapons, clothes, techniques ect.) of LR was really good and that made the game really fun to play it.

These things were good (not even listed all the good things) and it's not fair that many people didn't played the game or the trilogy, because of the haters.

So yes, for me Final Fantasy XIII, XIII-2 and LR are definetely overhated.


As for Final Fantasy VII, yes the game is overhyped and -rated, because 

- it's not a complete story (too much sequels/prequels, therefore really glad that FFXV is a complete game). I mean, it feels like Final Fantasy VII has something everything, an ancient temple, medieval villiages, traditional japanese villiage, cyperpunk city, fantasy locations all this in one world doesn't fits to me

- sad that we actually don't know who/what Jenova is and not definetely know how she looks (looks like a woman)

- also Jenova had only 2 scenes in the game, the flashback in Nibelheim and Midgar

- Sephiroth is not a bad villian, but  for me Jenova had more potential to be the main villian (besides that women as a villian or main antagonist is just more epic and interesting)

- The person who you followed in the whole game was NOT Sephiroth, it was Jenova, taking the look of him (after she escaped Midgar), when I played the game for the first time (it was 2015 on PS3), I didn't realized it was her all the time

- That means the person who killed the president Shinra, Aerith, controlled Cloud to give her the black materia, ect. it was Jenova and I actually thought it was Sephiroth all the time, therefore I hope these things will be more claryfied in the remake

- The true Sephiroth appeared only in 3 scene, the past of Nibelheim, how Cloud awaiked him in Northern Crater, the end game


But there were also good and epic scenes like

- Clouds true past

- the "clones" of Jenova

- the cetra

- the weapons

- the meteorite

- Midgar (a little bit dissapointed that only 3/4 sections of 8 were exlorable, but the remake will offer this now), besides that the design and architecture is just impressive

- the graphic, yes even 18 years after the PS1 release, I actually like the technology of the graphic, because you can really feel that in that time it was really a masterpiece. Like 2 days ago I played my favorite scenes of VII once again


All in all VII is definetely a good game, better than Final Fantasy XIII (but that doesn't means that Final Fantasy XIII is a bad game). VII feels like a prototype Final Fantasy game (probably because it was the first game in 3D ever), therefore the many different apects in the game that doesn't really fit together (listed in the first point)


For me FFVI and FFVIII are overall a bit better than FFVII, because of the complete epic story that includes the characters, enviroment, design that fits the game better.